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Software, Programming & Bespoke Solutions



Mitsubishi MAPS SCADA programming and reporting using SQL Server. Training and support.

SCADA Solutions

RAS has a great deal of experience in working with MAPS from Mitsubishi Electric. We are skilled in the implementation of alarming strategies, local and database logging, reporting and charting, device management, status monitoring, security, complex C# scripting and the creation of visually pleasing and effective user interfaces.


We can also provide training and assistance at a variety of levels, and in a manner that works for customer projects. This method is very good for customers with a desire to keep closer control of their projects, but also understanding that the quickest route to a live system is often taking advantage of external help.

PLC and HMI programming using FBD, ST and LD. Mitsubishi GX3 and GT3 including motion control.

Automation System Software

RAS can provide automation software solutions for a range of Mitsubishi Electric PLCs from older FX, Q and L-series through to new i-QF and i-QR series. This covers a comprehensive knowledge of software from GX Developer, GX Works 2 and GX Works 3, including IEC 61131-3 languages such as LD, SFC, FBD and ST.

A modular software approach is taken to ensure that our systems are flexible and powerful to meet the new demanding requirements of our customers.

PLC Open commands are also used to ensure customers who want to develop the software in the future have a consistent programming language as well our own internally developed library functions.

Other manufacturers controllers such as Siemens and Omron can also be used upon request.

Database design and implementation using SQL Server management studio and reporting services.
Programming the HMS Flexy for data gathering, MQTT or using BASIC to perfrom a variety of tasks.

Data Gathering & Reporting Solutions

We have seen an increase in demand for integrated data gathering, especially within IIoT devices and the team at RAS can assist with this requirement. Data can be gathered in a variety of ways, sometimes via PLC systems, sometimes directly from devices. Once this data is gathered it can be stored in a relational database, such as SQL Server, allowing the data to be more easily analysed and presented.

Development of a database that meets the customer needs is critical to represent the data correctly and also allow for useful comparisons. Another critical aspect of the database development is planning for the row count in 6 months, 1 year, 2 years etc. We have real-world experience of working with very large databases, and understand the importance of performance tuning, indexes and a good design process.

Reports can be generated for web browser, or in PDF format, for analysis which can lead to improvements in productivity and operation. RAS can help find trends and locate problem areas, and ensure customer reporting is showing the information needed, instead of just  raw data.

Bespoke  C# programming for data manipulation, reporting and processing. REST API creation and consumption.

Bespoke Microsoft Windows Software

As well as the normal industrial automation programming languages we offer software development in higher level languages such as C# or Java for example. With many modern systems requiring integration to data gathering and other devices we have often provided software control via API access. This gives our customers integrated solutions delivering full power of all connected devices.

Some real-world examples of this include data import from third-party systems, interfacing to and the creation of web services (REST API etc), report exporting to company intranet, and on the more complex side feeding position data to motion systems where the number of positions exceeded 2 million while carefully tracking progress.

We have experience of desktop applications, Windows Services and console applications.

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