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Edge Computing & Data Analytics



Edge Computing & Data Analytics

There are many options and methods to provide local edge solutions and general data gathering and analysis on the market.  What RAS offers is experience in providing dedicated solutions for customers, from bespoke software for an existing system through to on-site hardware and software system solutions.


We can provide gateway solutions for data, but more importantly we understand that our customers need the data in a usable form, not just stored in a database in the Cloud.  We can provide solutions where Excel data or PDF reports are e-mailed through to key personnel as and when needed. 

Flexy and Netbiter Edge Computing Devices Can Send Data To The Cloud For Processing And Reporting

Often attempts are made to get data from machines and systems and this is stored in the cloud or locally.  Yet often at this time the help needed for further analysis of the data and provision of the results in a usable format is missing as this was not part of the connectivity hardware solution.  RAS can help in these instances as well to help customers understand the data they have and present this in understandable and comparable ways.

“If you want a data solution that is actually usable through to spreadsheets and direct reports contact RAS for a proper solution”

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