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HMS Ewon Netbiter Based Solutions



HMS Ewon Netbiter Based Solutions

The HMS Ewon Netbiter is a perfect hardware and software solution for quick and easy data gathering needs. The hardware has Ethernet, serial ports and I/O connection, as well as support for Modbus, EtherNet/IP and CAN. Also featuring built-in digital and analogue inputs the device is ready for connection of sensing devices to gather system information.

What sets apart the HMS Ewon Netbiter is the ability to send data directly to the Argos server, provided and supported by HMS where data can be stored directly from the device with an internet or cellular connection. This provides users with the data in one location from many Netbiter devices without extensive local set-up of hardware, databases etc.  From there Argos server data can be used to make dashboards representing the system and its operation.

RAS has experience not only with developing dashboards and interfaces but also bespoke connections via the Argos API to provide advanced reporting to meet our client requirements.

HMS Ewon Netbiter is the perfect device for simple system monitoring from the cloud. It is also ideal for pushing data into i4connected to take things to the next level.

The HMS EWON Netbiter is an incredibly powerful solution for basic data gathering when linked to local device such as an energy meter or controller (such as a PLC).  The advantages that Netbiter brings is it’s connection to the Argos server (supported by HMS) where data can be stored directly into the cloud at a reasonable cost. 


This can be achieved via hardwired network such as a LAN/WAN solution (can be thought of as Ethernet to the Internet) or via a telemetry solutions (SIM card connection to mobile network).  The Argos server allows simple and easy customisation of the data to generate striking dashboards that graphically represent the data.

For customers who need more than just a dashboard representation of the data RAS can offer further dedicated solutions beyond that of the standard HMS Netbiter offering.  Using REST API we can extract data from the Argos server and place this into a local database.  This will ensure access if the cloud is not accessible but further to this we can offer solutions using software such as Microsoft Reporting Services and provide reports in PDF format sent via e-mail to internal or external e-mail addresses.  Further to this was can also provide services such as development of solutions such as a macro button in Excel to download key data into a worksheet, with descriptions ready for local manipulation.  This could also be linked to prepare spreadsheet files that can be automatically sent via e-mail to the relevant personnel.

“With HMS hardware and connectivity software solutions we can provide tailored solutions to fully meet customer data gathering and edge processing needs”

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