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Data Gathering & Reporting



Edge comuting devices like the Netbiter and Flexy can gather data from machines and systems and send it to the cloud for additional processing. Turn data into useful information.

Edge Computing & Data Analytics

Local data analysis, or Edge computing, can be performed using a variety of hardware and/or software.  RAS has experience in offering solutions such as dedicated data gathering units and connection to PLC systems and networks.  The PLC data can be collected and stored in a local database for report generation.  These reports can then be scheduled for automatic distribution leading to overall improvements in efficiency and costs.


The advantages of edge computing are typically reduced device response times and improved system latency as well as data collection being non-reliant on good internet connectivity at all times.

One key offering as RAS we give our customers is assistance in getting to the real operational data from the loads of raw information available.

We can provide integration help, training and support for i4connected. We love the KPI capabilities of this powerful IIOT platform.

i4connected IIoT platform from HMS

i4connected allows us to digitise machines, plants, and systems globally, improving efficiency by collecting, visualising, and analysing data from equipment regardless of their location​. This powerful tool is modular, up-to-date and flexible, making it ideal for condition monitoring, KPI and energy management​.

RAS is offering training and system integration services to make the most of this powerful platform. We can guide you through setting up your inbound data and alarms, designing dashboards for a personalised user experience​ and creating email reports​.

High quality devices from HMS make data gathering and reporting easily within reach. Get in touch to find out more.

HMS Ewon Netbiter and HMS Flexy Based Solutions

When connection to systems with multiple networks or areas where connection to a controller is not possible solutions are available.  HMS Ewon Netbiter and HMS Flexy hardware solutions provides the local data gathering and network connectivity (and the local PLCs) to ensure that data from across the target area is collected.


Not only is the hardware flexible to allow connection to a variety of devices they also provide local input and output connections and well as analogue input and analogue output options.  On top of this they have connectivity to a wide range of industrial networks such as ProfiNet, EtherCat and CC-Link etc.


RAS has experience in the set-up and operation of these devices for customers data collection, as well as operation and linking to the software systems provides such as the HMS Argos cloud storage for HMS Ewon Netbiter modules.

If you have a data problem and need a hand get in touch. We can perform data gathering, processing and reporting for a variety of needs.

Bespoke Microsoft Windows Software

As well as the normal industrial automation programming languages we offer software development in higher level languages such as C# or Java for example. With many modern systems requiring integration to data gathering and other devices we have often provided software control via API access. This gives our customers integrated solutions delivering full power of all connected devices.


Some real-world examples of this include data import from third-party systems, interfacing to and the creation of web services (REST API etc), report exporting to company intranet, and on the more complex side feeding position data to motion systems where the number of positions exceeded 2 million while carefully tracking progress.


We have experience of desktop applications, Windows Services and console applications.

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