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Servo & Motion Control



Single and Multi-axis servo motion control. Interpolation and synchronous control. Torque control.

Servo & Motion

Motion Control systems cover a wide variety of applications and control systems types, from simple single axis positioning through to multiple synchronised axes. RAS has experience across a wide range of applications including multiple axis machines with synchronisation through to a simple one axis positioning conveyor. There are a variety of options available when solving Motion Control systems.

Servo motors of all sizes can be supplied and programmed for a range of applications.

Simple Positioning Control

Simple positioning control could be a system using a single Servo Amplifier and ball screw. There may be more than one axis of motion being controlled, though we would still consider these to be simple as each axis performs simple "point-to-point" movements. These systems can often be implemented quickly if the system requirements are already defined.

We can do single axis as well as synchronous control, including switching between position and torque modes for a range of project types.

Pulse Train or Network Control?

We would always suggest to use an Servo Amplifier that is networked, such as via SSCNET or CC-Link IE Field. Whilst positioning control pulse output is available as standard from many PLC's it is better to use network control. Pulse control solution can be cheaper when considering basic hardware, but the additional wiring and complexity often leads to a solution that is less cost effective than initially thought and more complex to develop a robust system from. There are other advantages of using network control, including the ability to read back parameters and operational data such such as torque and actual current position.

We can help with anything from some on site support to delivery of a fully operational machine.

Simple Motion Communication Module

Synchronised multiple axis solutions are possible using the various Simple Motion Communication Modules from Mitsubishi Electric, such as the FX5-40SSC-S module. Whilst these controllers are called Simple Motion modules they offer a extremely wide variety of solutions from multiple axis control, encoder following, Torque control as well as differing operation mode switching such as Position-to-Torque.

Either in simple table control mode for more simple positioning control such as interpolation, through to using the mechanical system representation for synchronised control, these modules can meet the needs for most Motion applications.

We have a long history with motion control and are here to help

Multi-Axis Control With Interpolation

When specific high level motion control options are needed then dedicated Motion Controller such as the R32MTCPU can be used offering huge potential for synchronised control (multiple CPUs can be used and a variety of CPU modules are available).  These Motion Controllers can use Structured Text as part of their programming to all for complex control to be performed with flexible programming control.

Example: Use an FX5-80SSC-S Simple Motion module to control a 4 axis gantry robot (X, Y, Z and rotate for the head) and also provide control for infeed and out-feed conveyors.  External labelling or vision systems can also be synchronised with using the ability of these controllers.

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