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SCADA Solutions



SCADA Solutions For Edge Computing, Data Gathering And Reporting

Some systems are already established and may need a larger software solution.  For example an existing factory with a variety of lines and areas, mainly using networked PLCs would be an example where a SCADA solution may be best.  Networking of existing systems locally and connecting to SCADA software may provide a more simple way to gather data from such a large and wide ranging variety of sources.  RAS can assist with this using SCADA solutions such as MAPS SCADA from Mitsubishi Electric.  Many SCADA solutions offer reporting as part of the software package, this may be sufficient for some customer requirements.  RAS can work with customers as we have extensive knowledge of MAPS SCADA and if required provide local database solutions and report generation as needed.

MAPS SCADA is ideal for monitoring and reporting for systems, and machines on the factory floor with reporting and analytics

Our experience helps the customer not only set-up and program the SCADA system but also to understand what data should be logged and stored and why.  Data for data’s sake is not need, useable information to aid in productivity is key.

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