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Automation & Motion Control



PLC, HMI and motion control programming, as well as VSD inverter control. Programming of iQR, FX5 and older models

PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)

We use the latest range of Mitsubishi Electric PLCs such as the powerful all-in-one iQ-F series with built-in I/O through to iQ-R series with a wide variety of control and communication options to fit our customer requirements.


We also have extensive knowledge of programming and migrating other Mitsubishi Electric PLC series such as Q, L, Fx, A.

Single and Multi-axis servo motion control. Interpolation and synchronous control. Torque control.

Servo & Motion

Using Mitsubishi Electric's latest MR-J4 and MR-J5 servo amplifier and motor series we are able to implement fast, highly precise systems. From single axis positioning to multi-axis synchronous control we have the hands-on experience to deliver solutions to meet a wide variety of needs.

We have experience of migrating older series such as MR-J2S, MR-J3 to more modern hardware taking advantage of technology benefits of SSCNet and CC-Link IE TSN.

HMI visualisation and scripting from GT3. MES functions and data gathering.

HMI (Human Machine Interface)

The Mitsubishi Electric GOT 2000 series HMI range is used to provide control and display requirements across a variety of systems and machinery. The large variety of display options and in-built graphics allow us to provide clear and reliable customer interfaces.

We have also used more advanced features such as scripting, data transfer and internal logging to make the HMI a key automation element. 

We provide upgrade paths for GOT 1000 series, and older Mitsubishi Electric products, as well as Beijer Electronics E1000 series.

Inverter VSD systems including vector control and use of control over CC-Link IE Field Basic for advanced monitoring


Automatic Auto-tuning and wide variety of hardware options are some of the reasons the Mitsubishi Electric 800 series Inverters are providing solutions for simple conveyors through to closed-loop Vector control.

Using network technologies such as the built-in CC-Link IE Field Basic allows cost-effective network control and monitoring (torque, load, speed etc) to meet our customer needs.  This includes the medium range FR-E800 series that has fully closed-loop Vector control via an option.


We also have knowledge of upgrading older Mitsubishi Electric inverters such as the 500 and 700 series.

Pilz safety systems including light curtains. Make safery industrial systems with programmable B1 controllers.

Safety Systems

Predominantly using programmable Pilz safety controllers and safety peripherals we are able to meet the specific safety needs of our customers. Often these needs change as a system develops, but the programmable nature of the Pilz Safety controllers manages this with ease.

A variety of devices are available from across many industry suppliers.

Industrial Automation control with a variety of protocols including CC-Link, CC-Link IE, CC-Link IE TSN, OPC-UA, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Modbus, EtherNet/IP

Networks & Communication

From integrating a variety of solutions across many industries and requirements we have gained experience in the integration of many types of network and communication systems. Some of the networks used are CC-Link, CC-Link IE, CC-Link IE TSN, OPC-UA, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Modbus, EtherNet/IP mainly for industrial automation solutions. Other networks such as SLMP and bespoke Ethernet socket communication between automation and enterprise level devices have been used for both control and data gathering when required.


As well as modern Ethernet based protocols we also have experience integrating solutions using RS-232, RS-485, CAN bus etc. when upgrading systems or providing communication and control of specific peripheral devices.

Baumer lasers over ethernet or RS-485. Precision measuring and control. Program devices over the network. PLC control of lasers and cameras. OM70, IDC200, XF800

Sensors & Peripherals

Whilst we have used a variety of leading industrial sensors, our preferred manufacturer is Baumer as they provide a wide ranges of products to a very high specification. From standing barrel type induction sensors to through-beam lasers and distance measurement lasers Baumer products provide high quality and integration into automation systems.

Many higher specification products such as programmable encoders and flow meters are also available from Baumer.

We also have experience integrating many third-party devices such as barcode scanners and RFID readers, as well as more complex items like 3-Axis Vibration Robotic Parts Feeders.

High quality panel build using industry leading components to brisish standards. Tested carefully and supplied to a high standard.

Panel Build

RAS can design and build electrical control panels to meet a variety of integration requirements.

Large single cabinets or multiple smaller cabinets for distributed control and data gathering can all be provided with connections and cabling to match requirements.

From small machines made of extruded aluminium to bigger custom build machines we can deliver.

Mechanical Build

Working with our partners RAS can provide design and build services from smaller systems to large stand-alone machines.

RAS has experience of developing new machines, as well as the refurbishment and upgrade of existing machines.

Data gathering from simple requirements and first steps, to complex reporting needs for millions of rows of data from a factory floor. We can help. We know data and databases and can help you navigate the tricky apects of edge computing.

SCADA & Data Gathering

Using Mitsubishi Electric MAPS SCADA we are able to create systems covering many networked PLCs, with database integration and complex reporting. We have experience of very high tag count projects, but are equally happy to work with you on smaller systems.

We can also provide on-the-job training while helping you get your project started, giving as much assistance as you require along the way.

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