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PLC Based Solutions



PLC Based Solutions Ideal For Industrial Environments

When there are requirements for a more industrialised data gathering solution, it may also be necessary to provide more connectivity and links to on-site industrial equipment where data cannot be extracted via a network.

Using HMS hardware solutions such as the HMS Flexy not only can network solutions be provided, such as connection and data extraction via Modbus, but there are also options for data gathering via local sensor connection.  This can be achieved either by using option modules for the HMS Flexy to allow for local digital and analogue I/O connection to the system, or to use a channel of the network connection for local PLC connectivity.

A local PLC gives maximum flexibility to allow for digital and analogue I/O connectivity as well as the options for more dedicated industrial network connectivity.

RAS can provide hardware solutions of wall mounted industrial enclosures with HMS hardware and/or local PLC hardware as needed.  RAS can also provide a full software solution from set-up of local hardware though to the scheduled reporting via e-mail if required.  We also have experience in analysing the data available and can help in understanding what can be understood.

“From pages of data through to useful information, RAS can provide an end-to-end solution”

RAS use the latest PLC technology to produce bespoke factory automation machines. The Mitsubishi FX5 and iQR bring flexibility and are robust.
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