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HMS Ewon Flexy Based Solutions



HMS Ewon Flexy Based Solutions

The HMS EWON Flexy is a IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) Gateway device supporting excellent data gathering, as well as alarming and alarm notification.

The Flexy has outstanding support for data gathering from industrial hardware using protocols such as OPC-UA, Modbus, direct PLC communication.


A single Flexy unit can gather data over a network from a number of devices, and send it to the Talk2M cloud repository where it can be collected for further processing.


Data is held for 10 days, allowing for scheduled collection into other systems with a less frequent poll rate.

HMS Ewon Flexy devices are perfect for system monitoring and sending data to the cloud for further analysis.

The Flexy also has scripting capability, bringing functionality such as MQTT support, HTTP REST API support, data processing and many other possibilities. It makes the Flexy a very versatile platform for bespoke solutions where communication with external servers is required, or specialised processing is needed for inbound or outbound data. RAS Edge have a long history of working with the Flexy, and are accomplished at providing solutions where scripting and data manipulation are needed.

With a WIFI card it is possible to quickly install a Flexy on-site with minimal effort. The Flexy can also support SIM cards for cellular network connectivity, or have a hardwired Ethernet connection. These options make connection simple, and give support for use in a factory environment, or at the side of a system located outdoors and far from a traditional internet connection.

The Flexy can be extended through the use of extension cards, adding more I/O capability or serial communication or USB support.

The Flexy is an amazing device representing superb value for the capabilities it brings.

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