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Robotic & Vision Systems



Articulated RV robot solutions, from full systems to integration help with existing robotic installations.

Articulated Robots

For small to medium Articulated Robots the offering from Mitsubishi Electric provides high specification 5 and 6 axis robots in stand-alone or integrated options. The integrated options can give users easier access to robot control and monitoring parameters making it easier to provide flexible and powerful control interfaces.

PLC integrated robot controllers also have the ability to work together from a single control rack and features such as automatic collision avoidance can be set.

High speed and accuracy in compacy systems. Ramsay Automation can deliver robot cells of all sizes.

SCARA Robots

For faster operational requirements Mitsubishi Electric has a wide range of SCARA robot offerings.

With stand-alone and integrated controller they can be combined with articulated robots to provide an optimal mixture for operational requirements.

We have used these robots in areas where space is at a premium, due to their compact nature. We also find that SCARA can offer a greater system throughput in some applications.

We know vision systems. Our close relationship with Baumer makes us well placed to help on your next vision system, from parts checking to barcode reading.

Vision Systems

Using the Verisens Cameras from Baumer, cost effective and high specification vision systems can easily be integrated into robot systems.

The Verisens range of cameras can provide vision solutions not only for robot systems but also for general investigation and checking stations.

We also have experience of using Keyence camera systems, providing excellent functionality and features with ease of integration to Mitsubishi Electric robots.

Robot end effectors and gripper design and supply. We work with a number of suppliers to ensure we can deliver outstanding results.

End Effectors & Peripherals

We work with our customers closely to ensure that the development of key robot elements such as the end effectors not only function to fully meet the customer needs but also to ensure, where possible, operations are optimised.

RAS has direct experience of integrating peripheral devices such as vibration cubes, bowl feeders as well as general pneumatics.

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